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The influence of phase Flow TWO GAS AGAINST CAIR-Style fluctuations on the wall pipe.

By: Muhammad Irsyad, S.T., M.T.
Created: 2009-04-30, with 1 file (s).
Keywords: CAIR_GAS, Wall Pipe
Subject: GAS CAIR
Call Number: 625773 p Irs c.1


In one of the pipe system construction is shaped curve
(elbow), which serves to streamline membelokan a place to fluida
certain. One of the effects that appear on the two-phase flow when passing through a coil associated with the flow pattern is the instability or fluctuation of stream flow because bercampurnya gas phase and liquid phase is not homogeneous, and other factors. Flow fluctuations that occur continuously in the
winding pipe will provide the burden of impact on the random coil is the point. Due to randomly pembeban impact of ongoing ongoing
can menyebakan vibration in the pipe. Vibration caused the effects that can lead to undesirable, such as in ketidaktepatan
measurement, control systems disruption or damage to equipment engine.

Research carried out by using water as working fluida liquid and air as working gas fluida. Pipe is used with PVC pipe in sizes 1. Tests conducted by performing variations of air and water debit
to see that the pattern flow. Then make a flow pattern visualization and measurement of faction happens to the empty channel entrance test section horizontal pipe coil. Visualization using a digital camera and
faction measurement method using the empty valves close quickly. While the style of fluctuation measurements using strain gauge type sensor GFCA-3-50, and Amplipier use interface that functions as a power
supply sensors, sensor signal brace and a connector socket interface to set the computer

detail: http://digilib.unila.ac.id/go.php?id=laptunilapp-gdl-res-2009-muhammadir-1581

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